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Dec 14, 2010

Lost my camera for a bit so I couldn' t take
pictures of the cakes that I recently have done..
Good news...have found it (right where
I left it)  and should
be able to take pictures to post again 
soon :)

Dec 7, 2010


This is for a little girl turning 3 and her only request was...Pink,  Pink,  Pink!  She wanted Pink cake and Pink icing and I could choose a theme.
I chose Hello Kitty as that is popular with 
girls of that age and fit the color them perfectly.
The cake was a Pink Mock Angelfood cake with pink buttercream icing.  The kitty was made of fondant/ gumpaste combination.

Parker's 7th Birthday

This was last own fault.  
I wasnt going to be home to decorate
anything but also forgot to buy a treat for my sons birthday so ended up making these late one evening so he could have a treat to bring to school.  I had some leftover blue icing from and wanted to use it up.  So I thought  "fish" would suit the occassion.  I didnt have enough "dry" time for my fish but the kids loved them all the same.
The cupcakes were "blue"  sour cream white cake with regular buttercream.
Happy Birthday Parker
This was a Sour Cream Chocolate
cake with fudge filling and Peanut
Butter Icing

Nov 13, 2010

For a gentlemen who is celebrating
his birthday who enjoys playing
The cupcakes are Sour Cream White 
with regular buttercream.  The cupcakes are
large size as the board is a 16x16 and they
go end to end almost.  Hard to tell 
sizing by the picture so I thought
I would include that for those of you interested.

Snowmobile Cake

For a little boy celebrating
his 5th birthday.
Sour Cream Chocolate cake with white
buttercream.  Also another 1st for me
in sculpting a fondant/gumpaste
snowmobile.  She said they had an older "yellow"
one but I forgot to ask the brand..
Yamaha or Ski-Doo so just 
picked one brand as Im sure the little boy wont mind
Happy Birthday Caleb

Nov 8, 2010

Pink "piggy" Cake

For a 40th Birthday for a gal who "loves" pigs
and "loves"  chocolate so I combined her two
favorite items into one for her 
The cake was a Sour Cream Chocolate
cake with Mocha buttercream
covered in pink fondant.

"MadHatters" Theme cupcakes

Having some trouble uploading photos
will add a few more as soon as
I get the issue resolved

Oct 29, 2010

John Deere Tractor

This is a Sour Cream Chocolate
Cake  for a cute little boy turning 2.
He loves watching all the machinery
going by outside this time of the year so
the mother chose to incorporate this into his birthday.
Another first for me in sculpting a John Deere tractor in fondant.. turned out pretty well for my first.
It is approx.  3"x 3" on a oval cake to serve 10.
Happy Birthday Mason

Flower Pot Cupcake

A small cupcake flower pot to celebrate
a birthday.  Not exactly what I envisioned due
to the fact I couldnt find certain items and colors
that I thought would be easy to find
  so I had to make due with what I had.
The cupcakes were Carrot Cake with
Cream Cheese Icing

Surprise 30th Birthday Party

A gentleman ordered  2 sheet cakes for his wife's 30th surprise birthday party he was hosting.....sour cream chocolate with peanut butter icing and Rasp/ White swirl with regular buttercream.  He let me do what I wanted and said she had a good sense of humor and
he wanted to give her a bad time?!  :)
Happy Birthday Jessica...Enjoy!

Oct 25, 2010

Tinkerbell Birthday Party

 This cake was ordered by one of the kindest,
fun,  most generous ladies I have had the 
pleasure to meet,  Vonnie.
She ordered this cake for her nieces
little girl who was celebrating her 3rd birthday 
and loves Tinkerbell.  
Tinkerbell on the top of the cake is made of gumpaste and then painted with luster dusts.
The cake was sour cream chocolate with reg.
buttercream and fondant accents.


This cake was ordered  by a lady whom I have
know for many years.  It was ordered for her new
little granddaughters baptism.
She chose Sour Cream White cake with white buttercream.  Fondant accents,  including a teddy bear and baby booties in mauve and a chocolate fondant cross.

Oct 19, 2010

Cake Decorating Contest

 This cake was done for a cake decorating contest /fundraiser for the United Way.  This is a wonderful program and my kids have all benefited from it so I chose to participate.  The cakes were judged and then a silent auction was held with the proceeds going to the United Way towards the reading program for kids. There was approx.  30 entries and  Im happy to report I received  the 1st Place Trophy.
The top tier was Raspberry White Swirl and the bottom tier was Sour Cream Chocolate all with regular buttercream and covered in fondant
with fondant accents.

Oct 9, 2010

Another Train Cake!

 This was for my little boys birthday.  He wanted a
Train cake for his birthday so thats what I made for him.
He was so excited as you can see :)
It was strawberry cake with strawberry mousse filling,,  regular buttercream and fondant accents.

Happy Birthday Preston

Baptism Cakes

 This was for a couple who recently had their
2nd baby .  The centerpeice cake was mock 
angelfood with regular buttercream,  gumpaste booties, bear, and cross.
Also a matching sheet cake of sour cream
chocolate with peanut butter icing.

Wedding Cake

 Another first for me...making fondant ribbon roses.
The top tier was Raspberry Swirl and the bottom tier was sour cream chocolate with regular buttercream,  fondant roses,  ribbon around the base of each tier

Its a Tea Party

 This was ordered by Melissa for her grandma's
80th Birthday Party.  They were going to have
a tea party with some friends and relatives.
The cake was her favorite...sour cream white cake with lemon buttercream.  This was my first attempt at a  gumpaste tea cup which i didnt think turned out to bad.

Oct 2, 2010

The Big Day

This was for the wedding of Amber and Jeff,  a lovely young couple starting their new lives together.  Their main cake flavors consisted of sour cream chocolate,  sour cream white,  marble and raspberry white swirl all with champagne/ ivory buttercream.
In addition,  2 sheet cakes to go along with which were sour cream
chocolate with peanut butter icing and sour cream white with lemon filling and lemon buttercream

Congratulations Amber and Jeff

Happy Retirement

 This was for a Retirement party for 2 brothers who were retiring  from farming.
A "population" sign was requested along with 2 sheet cakes all of which were marble.  On  the sheet cakes were some "farm" items that the 2 brothers had worked with during their lives.

25th Wedding Anniversary


                     This was for a 25th Wedding Anniversay for Lael and Luann who were going to celebrate with a couple of sheet cakes with
friends and family after a church service.
They chose raspberry white swirl with regular buttercream and sour cream chocolate with peanut butter icing.                                        

Sep 28, 2010

A Sports Fan

 This was a special request for my nephew Briar for his 10th Birthday.  He asked for a "giant:  Vikings sugar cookie that he could share with his class. ( The board size is an 18 x 18)

The small Vikings cake below was to celebrate with his family at home.  It is a cookies and cream cake with regular buttercream.

Sep 24, 2010

Doll Cake

This is for a little girl who loves Barbies.
It is a cookies and cream cake with regular buttercream covered in fondant decorations.

Sep 13, 2010

Wedding Day

This was a cupcake Wedding cake held in Marshall at SMSU.  Lots of yummy flavors.  Sour cream chocolate with peanut butter icing,  sour cream chocolate with white icing,  raspberry white swirl,  sour cream white with lemon buttercream,  sour cream white with white buttercream.  The anniversary tire was sour cream white with a white ribbon around the base,  edible pearls and gumpaste hydrangea.

"Teenage Birthday"

This was a birthday cake for a young lady turning 13. It was a Mock Angelfood cake with buttercream icing with fondant accents.

A surprise 25th Anniversary Cake

This was for a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party.  The centerpiece cake was a Raspberry White Swirl with  reg. buttercream and the sheet cake was sour cream chocolate with peanut butter icing
This was a sour cream white cake with buttercream icing,  fondant accents for a young gal of 95 years who was celebrating her birthday. 

Aug 29, 2010

This was a Tinkerbell cake for a little girls 6th birthday.  Honestly cant remember the flavor but buttercream with fondant accents.
                                                                                 This was raspberry white swirl cake with buttercream icing with fondant accents for a couples 75th birthdays. (I believe)

This was actually a mini cake for my sister.
Sour cream chocolate with peanut butter icing,  covered in white fondant with fondant accents.