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Aug 15, 2011

My Little Pony

This is for a little girl turning 5!
She loves the bright colors, 
stripes,  polka dots and anything pink.
The cake is Sour Cream Chocolate
with buttercream icing,  covered in fondant
with fondant decorations.
The Pony was provided by the
client and placed on top.

Aug 14, 2011

Beautiful day for a Wedding

Black ribblon and silver bling were the theme 
for this wedding.
The cake was Raspberry White Swirl with 
Regular buttercream

Wedding of Laura and Marshall

Congrats to Laura and Marshall

Mosiac band around the base of
each tier along with fresh flowers.
The flavors were Chocolate Chip
and Sour cream chocolate with
ivory buttercream.

This was for a first Birthday Party.
The theme was bugs and flowers
 as the little girls nickname is "Bugg".
The big lady bug "smash cake" was
marble with regular buttercream.
The 2 tier cake was marble and red velvet with 
regular buttercream,   and chocolate ganache filling.
Fondant bees, snails, ladybugs, grass and flowers 
were added.

25th Wedding Anniversary

Sour Cream white cake with white buttercream,
ribbon around the base,  edible pink pearls and
fondant roses

30th Birthday and matching cupcakes

Main cake was
Butter Pecan with Caramel buttercream
and the cupcakes were Sour
Cream Chocolate with reg.

Little girl baptism

Little girls baptism day.
Yellow cake with regular buttercream
Fondant roses and accents

40th Anniversary

Aug 13, 2011

Vanessa and Kaleb's Wedding

Vanessa was kind enough to send me a photo as
I didnt get any at the time of wedding
Cupcakes were set at random on all different types
of trays,  containers and stands.
Five flavors were chosen

Aug 2, 2011

 This was for a gentleman who was turning 50.  His wife wanted a replica of his race care.
The cake was sour cream chocolate with regular buttercream...covered in fondant.  Car was hand painted except
for the decals which were made on icing sheets with an edible printer.

Anita and Frank

Friends from Norway came to 
Minnesota for a visit.  They had recently
celebrated their Anniversry so my
sister thought it fitting for them to
re-enact their cake cutting from
their wedding!
The evening was so much fun.
The cake was Sour Cream Coconut with
vanilla mousse filling and coconut
cream cheese icing.