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Dec 14, 2010

Lost my camera for a bit so I couldn' t take
pictures of the cakes that I recently have done..
Good news...have found it (right where
I left it)  and should
be able to take pictures to post again 
soon :)

Dec 7, 2010


This is for a little girl turning 3 and her only request was...Pink,  Pink,  Pink!  She wanted Pink cake and Pink icing and I could choose a theme.
I chose Hello Kitty as that is popular with 
girls of that age and fit the color them perfectly.
The cake was a Pink Mock Angelfood cake with pink buttercream icing.  The kitty was made of fondant/ gumpaste combination.

Parker's 7th Birthday

This was last own fault.  
I wasnt going to be home to decorate
anything but also forgot to buy a treat for my sons birthday so ended up making these late one evening so he could have a treat to bring to school.  I had some leftover blue icing from and wanted to use it up.  So I thought  "fish" would suit the occassion.  I didnt have enough "dry" time for my fish but the kids loved them all the same.
The cupcakes were "blue"  sour cream white cake with regular buttercream.
Happy Birthday Parker
This was a Sour Cream Chocolate
cake with fudge filling and Peanut
Butter Icing