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Apr 27, 2011

Easter Cake and Cupcakes

This was a sour cream chocolate cake with regular
buttercream partially covered in fondant.
Customer requested the clock faces,  mushrooms,
bunny,  chick and eggs which has special
memories tied to her grandma.
Additional Easter cupcakes with flavors being 
Peanut Butter Silk with peanut
butter mousse filling covered with chocolate buttercream and Raspberry White Swirl with
Almond Buttercream.

Apr 26, 2011

Springy Birthday Cake

This was a sour cream chocolate
cake with half peanut butter
buttercream and half regular 
buttercream covered in
fondant.  Yellow daffodils and pink 

60th Birthday

This was for a chocolate lover.
Sour Cream Chocolate cake with
chocolate buttercream.
Customer requested the cosomopolitan
drink glasses and provided the crown for 
"Queen Jean"
This was the cake I made for our
family Easter celebration.  I was tired,  it
was late so didnt spend much time on it as you can see.  I had a few "leftover" decorations  that I just threw on to use them up
It was a strawberry cake with vanilla
mousse filling,  frest sliced strawberries and
whipped frosting

Apr 24, 2011

Apr 18, 2011

Easter Mini cupcakes

Mini cupcakes for an
Easter celebration
Flavors included raspberry white swirl
with cream cheese icing and 
sour cream white with lemon buttercream

Baby Shower mini cupcakes

So tiny cute!
These mini cupcakes were for
a little girl baby shower
Flavors included german chocolate with coconut pecan icing
and carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Apr 11, 2011

Baby Shower Cake # 3

This was a mock angelfood cake with vanilla 
mousse filling , fresh thinly sliced strawberries iced
in regular icing.
The baby buggy and decorations are fondant
with a ribbon accent.

Baby Shower # 2

Cupcakes for a baby shower with
edible fondant toppers in
a baby girl theme.
Flavors were Red Velvet and
Carrot cake both with cream 
cheese icing

Baby Shower # 1

A simple sheet cake was requested for a
baby girl baby shower.  The cake was 
raspberry white swirl with regular buttercream 
along with a fondant baby carriage and baby  blocks and polka dots.