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Mar 25, 2012

6 Pack Cake

My first attempt at sugar bottles which I have a lot to 
learn yet on them but was happy with the result in the end.
Lemon Cake with buttercream and covered in fondant.
Edible images were also used.


 Sour Cream White with 
Buttercream icing

Sour Cream Chocolate with
Chocoloate Buttercream

Carrot Cake with
Cream Cheese Icing

Sour Cream Chocolate with
Peanut Butter Icing

Girl Confirmation

For my niece Courtney on her
Confirmation Day.
She chose Raspberry White Swirl with
buttercream icing and purple for 
the color.

Congratulations on your Confirmation

Race Car and Train theme cake

Marble Cake with buttercream icing,  
fondant accents.
The racecar and the train were going
to be purchased by the mother to add later.

Happy Birthday Aidan

65 th Birthday

Sour Cream Chocolate with
Peanut Butter Icing

Boy Confirmation

Sour Cream Chocolate with 
buttercream icing